Royal Grass®

...all the luxury of grass

The luxury, look and feel of grass – with minimum maintenance. Create your dream garden, a lovely courtyard setting, a clean and safe play area or innovative balcony floor. Be inspired by Royal Grass, with its endless possibilities.

Why you should choose Royal Grass's artificial grass?

  • Natural appearance due to unique V-shape.
  • Made of soft and skin friendly materials.
  • Eco-Friendly and non-toxic
  • A 9 year UV guarantee and life expectancy of over 15 years.
  • Produced according to European guidelines of safety, environment and quality.
Mint Fibers Royal Grass Indonesia
Mint Fibres Royal Grass Indonesia
Royal Grass Indonesia Silk 25

Royal Grass® Silk 25

• Fine and flexible grass blades
• 25mm tall grass blades
• Fitted with supportive thatch
• Very realistic in appearance

Royal Grass® Silk 35

• Fine and flexible grass blades
• 35mm tall grass blades
• Soft, silky feeling grass
• Fitted with supportive thatch
• Very suitable as soft playing surface

Royal Grass Indonesia Silk 35
Royal Grass Indonesia Silk Fresh

Royal Grass® Silk Fresh

• Fine and flexible grass leaves
• 30mm tall grass blades
• Consists of 2 shades of green
• Fitted with supportive thatch
• Beautiful, fresh spring green colour

Royal Grass® Deluxe

• A full grass system with a natural look
• 36mm tall grass blades
• Consists of 3 shades of green
• Fitt ed with supportive thatch
• Beautiful, deep green colour in 3 shades

Artificial Grass Indonesia Deluxe
Artificial Grass Indonesia Ecosense

Royal Grass® EcoSense

• Fine and flexible grass blades
• 35mm tall grass blades
• Extremely soft to touch
• Fitted with supportive thatch
• 100% “cradle to cradle”

Looking for Inspiration?

Destination Green is proud to be the exclusive distributor for Royal Grass, if you are looking for inspiration visit there site, if you have other questions don’t hesitate to contact us.

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