Teak Polymer Composite Decking

Below you find an overview of our TPC decking Material. We produce our decking in several colors. We also supply our TPC decking in both installed and Do it Yourself form. To complete our decking we also have several accessorizes available. Such accessories include installation clips, the necessary metal beams for the foundation and finally border stones and lights to perfect your deck.

WPC or TPC Decking Planks for Outdoor Flooring made in Indonesia

Decking Planks

The Image Above depicts an example of Siam Teak and Ebony Grey TPC Decking planks. Our standard TPC planks come in the following dimension: 145 x 25 x 2300 mm.


Dark Grey Decking Plank for Hotels and Swimming Pools from Indonesia

Decking Small Grooves

145 x 23 mm
Dark Grey WPC Bio Composite Outdoor Decking

Decking 8 Grooves

145 x 23 mm
WPC Teak Polymer Composite Brown Decking Plank for Outdoor Pools

Decking 7 Grooves

145 x 25 mm
WPC produced in Indonesia for Pooldeck

Decking Flat

145 x 25 mm

Available Colors

Cedar Red WPC Deck Plank Indonesia Yogyakarta

Cedar Red

Rosewood Red WPC Indonesia Yogyakarta

Rosewood Red

Yellow Balau WPC Indonesia Yogyakarta

Yellow Balau

Natural Maple WPC Indonesia Yogyakarta

Natural Maple

Walnut Brown WPC Indonesia Yogyakarta

Siam Teak

Teak Brown WPC Indonesia Yogyakarta

Teak Brown

Brown Oak WPC Indonesia Yogyakarta

Brown Oak

Coffee Brown WPC Indonesia Yogyakarta

Coffee Brown

Rustic Teak Grey WPC Indonesia Yogyakarta

Rustic Teak Grey

Ebony Grey WPC Indonesia Yogyakarta

Ebony Grey

* The colors depicted above may vary slightly from the final product.


Recycled Teak Dust for WPC


Recycled HDPE

HDPE Polymer


Our TPC which is a variant of Wood Plastic Composite (WPC) consists of more than 50% biomass (such as recycled wood or other recycled biomass) combined with recycled HDPE and performance additives. The teak dust is gathered from local saw mills in Yogyakarta and other areas in Java, Indonesia, as factory waste. The HDPE is obtained from recycling initiatives. Therefore our product is made of 90% recycled material. An additional 10% of the material consists of additives necessary for the products consistency, color and feel. The final TPC product itself is 100% recyclable.

Finished Projects


Over the years we have installed several WPC Decks, most of them as a pool deck or a terrace. most of our more recent projects can be found below.

WPC Deck at Melia Inside Yogyakarta, Produced in Indonesian Factory

TPC Deck at Innside Hotel, Yogyakarta

WPC Pool Deck by Destination Green in Yogyakarta

TPC Deck at Grand Keisha Hotel, Yogyakarta

WPC Deck at Umah D'Kali, Kasongan Yogyakarta produced in Indonesia

TPC Deck at Umah D'Kali, Kasongan

WPC Floor at Bukit Bintang Yogyakarta Indonesia

TPC Deck at Bukit, Yogyakarta

WPC Deck for Glamping Hotel, Produced in Indonesia

TPC Deck at Escape Nomade, Bali

WPC Flooring at Private Residence in Yogyakarta, Produced in Tangerang

TPC Deck at Private Residence, Yogyakarta

WPC Floor at Hotel in Indonesia, made in Indonesia

TPC Deck at Yats Colony, Yogyakarta

WPC Deck at Hotel in Bali, produced in Indonesian Factory

TPC Deck at the Meridian Dive Resort, Raja Ampat

WPC Deck at Lovina Oasis Hotel, Bali

TPC Deck at Lovina Oasis Hotel, Bali

WPC Deck at Aston Beachhotel, Anyer

TPC Deck at Aston Beachhotel, Anyer

Kayu Komposit Pool Dek Yogyakarta Indonesia

TPC Pooldeck at Novotel, Bali Airport

WPC Deck at BVilla, Bali

TPC Deck at BVilla, Bali

WPC Pool Deck for Resort in Bali, installed by Destination Green

TPC Deck at Alam Kul Kul, Bali

WPC Planks Used for Billboard Surabaya

Graha Sinerai TPC Billboard, Surabaya

Villa Gelatik Bali WPC Pooldeck Destination Green

Villa Gelatik TPC Pool Deck, Surabaya

Pool Decking Private Villa Yogyakarta Kayu Komposit

TPC Pooldeck at Private Villa, Yogyakarta

WPC Pool Deck at Santika Bintaro Jakarta, made in Indonesia

TPC Pooldeck Santika Bintaro, Jakarta

WPC Deck on Balcony, Private Residence, Sukabumi

TPC Deck on Balcony, Private Residence, Sukabumi

Composite Wood Pool Deck Yogyakarta Indonesia

TPC Pooldeck at Private Residence, Yogyakarta

WPC Deck at Resort Hotel in Bali, Made in Indonesian Factory

TPC Pooldeck at Hotel Project, Bali

WPC Deck at the Parangtritis Beach for Queen of the South

TPC Deck at Queen of the South, Yogyakarta

Private Residence Decking WPC Yogyakarta

TPC Deck at Private Residence, Yogyakarta

Artificial Wood Pool Decking Yogyakarta Indonesia

TPC Pooldeck at Private Residence, Yogyakarta

Bio Composite WPC Deck at Serpong, made in Indonesia

TPC Deck on Bridge, Serpong


In order to perfect your TPC deck we offer several accessories, some of which depicted below. Overall we supply everything you need to complete your TPC deck, such as: Installation Clips, Beams for installing your TPC deck upon, several cover options for the side of your TPC deck and suitable lighting.

WPC Decking Installation Clip for Destination Green Planks

The Installation Clip

Installation Clips are ideal for installing the deck, the clips are practically invisible, lock the deck properly, allow the deck to move and make it unnecessary to drill in the material.
WPC Decking Clip Semi Installed

When Installing

Picture depicts the deck where one plank is already locked in.
WPC Decking Clip Semi Invisible Installation done in Indonesia


When the deck is fully installed the clip itself is barely visible.
Aluminium Pipes for WPC Deck Base covering

Installation Beams

These beams can be used to build the foundation of your deck, upon which with the installation clips, the deck can be installed.
Decking Beam Alu

Aluminium Beam

Decking beam made from aluminium.
Decking Beam Galvanized

Galvanized Beam

Similar to the Aluminium beam, yet made from galvanized iron.

Side covers and Others:

Border Stone for WPC Deck Side Covering

Border Cover Stone

Border stones are one of our solutions for covering the decks edges. Other possibilities are L-Profile aluminium covers, or by using actual decking planks.
Border Stone used to Cover Side of WPC or Solid Wood Decking

When Installed

The Side cover fits our decking perfectly, giving a seeming less installation.
WPC Deck Side Cover for Installation in Indonesia

TPC Side Cover

Cover up the side of your deck with small TPC slats.
Black Alu Side Cover for Plastic Deck

Aluminium L Profile Black

Perhaps the simplest way to cover deck edges, with alluminium side covers. Especially suitable for smaller spaces in the deck.
In Deck LEd lamp for WPC deck lighting

Deck Lamp

To Perfect your deck we also deliver a variety of lighting solutions that can be easily installed into your deck.

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