TPC Building Materials

Teak Polymer Composite is suitable for far more building applications than the most commonly seen Decking. For this reason we have several other applications such as Door and Window Frames, Wall Cladding, Beams and Building Bricks. Several of our other profiles are also suitable for various applications, yet the most popular ones are outlined below.

Brown WPC Wall Cladding Manufactured in Indonesia

Wall Cladding Rough

140 x 15 mm

WPC Teak Polymer Composite Wall Cladding Panel

Wall Cladding Smooth

140 x 15 mm

Wall Cladding

As unfinished wooden wall cladding tends to weather extremely fast when used in the exterior it also tends to be prone to fungus and wood rot. Our TPC wall cladding is extremely low in maintenance and therefore perfect for outdoor applications especially in hard to reach areas such as large facades or the sides of  larger buildings.

WPC Teak Polymer Composite Window Frame

Door/Window Frame

110 x 50 mm

WPC Door Frame Faux Teak made in Indonesia

Window Frame

110 x 65 mm

Door and Window Frames

Most common problems seen with door and window frames come from the wood either absorbing moist through the end grains or from the coating or paint being damages on less resistant wood. Since our TPC has a very high density water absorption is next to none almost abolishing this issue entirely.

WPC Teak Polymer Composite Beam 10x5cm made in Indonesia

Beam Large

100 x 50 mm

WPC Furniture Component from TPC Bio Composite made in Jakarta

Beam Small

50 x 45 mm


Allthough  our TPC beams have various applications we mainly use them to make Facades and similar products.

Synthetic Wood Bricks interlocking manufactured in Indonesia
Synthetic Wood Bricks interlocking manufactured in Indonesia


Our new interlocking bricks are specially developed to although lasting very long, buildings that can be rapidly placed and broken down. The bricks are of course reusable and share the same resistant features as the rest of our material.

Facade made of Synthetic wood in Yogyakarta Indonesia
WPC Bio Composite Building Materials Manufactured in Indonesian Factory


Although we have supplied various projects with our TPC our most notable projects are probably Taman Tirta 2 and the Jakarta International School. At Taman Tirta 2, Sumber Baruland, we installed 200 TPC Facades. Here we combined our Door & Window Frames together with Wall Cladding to create a complete solution. At the Jakarta International School we delivered almost 2000m2 of TPC products, to cover several different buildings and other areas.

WPC Teak Polymer Composite on Jakarta Intercultural School made in Indonesia
Jakarta International School WPC Wall Cladding
Destination Green WPC Decking on the Ceiling in Jakarta Intercultural School

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