Destination Green Composite

Destination Green is the main brand for Teak Polymer Composite products offered by PT. Teak Polymer Composites.  Our organization is the result of the cooperation between PT. Resindo Compounding Technology, a specialist in bringing the production of European quality compounds to Indonesia and PT. Nagaemas Indonesia, which specializes in manufacturing and product development. The goal of PT. Teak Polymer Composites and therefore Destination Green is to market, manufacture and develop high-end Wood Polymer Composites for numerous fast growing sectors such as; Construction, Boat Decking, Furniture and various others.Teak Polymer Composites was founded in 2018 in which we also received the DAME award in the prestigious METS boat fair for our new innovated teak polymer boat decking.



PT Resindo Compounding Technologies, formed in 2016, is a Joint venture between PT. Polymindo Permata and The Compound Company.  Resindo is a specialty thermoplastic compounder that develops and produces polyolefin-based compounds and composites for the Southeast Asian market in segments such as automotive, roofing and flooring, wall cladding, packaging, and electrical appliances. The company provides toll compounding, produces and sells standard compounds, and produces tailor-made compounds developed to customer specifications. Typical products include non-halogenated flame-retardant compounds, high-performance compounds with natural fiber and glass fiber reinforcement, biopolymers, and Yparex® extrudable adhesive tie-layer resins. The JV enables The Compound Company to access regional raw material sources and serve this rapidly growing market faster and more efficiently, and it diversifies Polymindo’s own capabilities and product offerings for the local building & construction market.


The Compound Company

The Compound Company is a Dutch Multinational that develops and manufactures compounds that are widely used in numerous application areas and industries such as packaging, automotive, building & construction, PV modules and compatibilizers & coupling agents for the compounding industry. They are specialized in innovative customized solutions and are a flexible tolling partner for companies that are looking for extra production capacity.



Polymindo was founded in 1985, extruding several synthetic products. Today it is world-renowed for its environmentally friendly all-weather wicker and thatch. Besides wicker and thatch Viro brings several other types of synthetic building materials to the market, mostly made with High Density Polyethylene (HDPE). Viro is the first all-weather wicker that is inducted into the prestigious material library of Material ConneXion. The library has four locations worldwide: Milan, New York, Bangkok, Cologne.


Why Us?

In short Pt. Teak Polymer Composites has all the experience on both raw materials, manufacturing, developing and marketing to offer the very best solution for whatever TPC application desired.  In this we do not only strive to excel in existing applications where Wood Polymer Composites are offered as an alternative to wood. We even aim to offer applications where wood would have not been a viable option to begin with. This would mean that in many scenarios we can even offer a greener alternative to plastic. Beyond extruding TPC there are many other possibilities such as Injection molding, 3D printing and many others.

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