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Destination Green is one of Indonesia’s largest manufacturers of high quality wood plastic composite (WPC). Because our WPC is made from teak dust and we are the only producer in world using teak we like to call our WPC, Teak Polymer Composite (TPC). Read more about us and our material.

Teak Dust Bio Mass for WPC


Recycled HDPE for WPC

HDPE Polymer

Additives for Destination Green WPC


Destination Green WPC Products


WPC Deck Queen of the South, Yogyakarta, Indonesia

TPC Decking

Over the years we have developed several WPC Decking solutions. We make our composite with teak dust rather than bamboo fiber which is why we prefer to it as Teak Polymer Composite. Besides several other advantages, using teak dust results in a product with a more natural feel and appearance. Our Decking is ideal for making durable Pool, Patio and Balcony Decks. We tend to take our decking slightly further than just simply supplying the decking alone. Currently we also supply all the necessary accessories to complete your deck to perfection. Currently we supply deck lighting, border stones and many other necessary tools.  Read More

Interlocking Garden Click Tiles Indonesia Yogyakarta

Click Tiles

Overtime we have developed a large variety of Interlocking WPC Deck Tiles. Our tiles use a patented system that allows for the user to create any imaginable pattern as the tiles have 4 identical sides. Given our background in different materials we have expanded our line of WPC Interlocking tiles towards other materials, such as: Stone, Wood, Aluminium and Artificial Grass.  Read More

WPC Faux Teak Table Top


As Teak Polymer Composite is a suitable replacement for natural wood in many cases, we also decided to apply the product in furniture. We currently specialize in supplying experienced outdoor furniture manufacturers with our Teak Polymer Composite as an alternative for Teak. The later makes it possible to making a long lasting outdoor product with the appearance of wood. Besides supplying the material we can also supply TPC Table tops and have our own line of TPC bathroom furniture. Read More

WPC Building Materials, Door and Window Frames on a Facade in Indonesia

Building Materials

Aside from our garden tiles, decking and furniture we also produce Wall cladding, Door and Window frames for primarily the Indonesian Market. Once again the characteristics of Teak Polymer Composite make it an excellent low maintenance alternative for wood. Read More

Plastic Compounding Machine in Factory in Indonesia


Besides delivering a finished product we can now also deliver our compound as a raw material. Besides the applications that we currently use our Teak Polymer Compound for it is suitable for various other uses such as boat decking, injection molding and even 3D printing. Read More

Recycled Teak Wooden Wall Cladding from Indonesia

Recycled Teak Cladding

Besides TPC we also produced wooden cladding for the wall. These cladding is made from recycled teak and interlocks perfectly. Read More

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