Although Destination Green does currently specialize in bringing extrusion based products to market, our capacity to make our TPC compound exceeds our capacity to extrude. This is also because the compounders of Resindo were not only acquired to produce TPC alone. Therefore we have the ability to produce TPC compounds for products other than our own.

Since Teak dust is predominantly found in Indonesia, the Teak Polymer Composite compound is most sensibly produced in here. The end-product on the other hand does not necessarily need to be. Extruded hollow profiles for example, take more shipping space than the compound itself. The latter is even truer for most 3D printed hollow products and packaged injection molded items.

That is why we do not only offer our TPC as a finished product, yet can also offer the compound itself. Depending on the application these can also be custom tailored. As we are working together with the Compound Company we can do so in a flexible and professional manner guaranteeing a stable and suitable compound for the end product.

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