Teak Polymer Composite (TPC) is a durable eco-friendly material made mainly from reclaimed teak dust and a small amount of recycled polymers. Due to its high density, this composite material has almost no water absorption, does not splinter and does not rot. Within our formula we use a sufficient amount of UV protectors ensuring that the material has almost no discoloring as opposed to real teak. This makes it very suitable for humid areas such as the outdoors and the bathroom.

Our material is available at a minimum of 4 mm till a maximum of 30 mm in thickness whereas the most popular planks are 200 mm in width. We have both solid and hollow planks available in various sizes. Thicker planks can be achieved by seamlessly laminating multiple planks together with epoxy resin.

In terms of service we can both offer a finished product in the form of a standalone top, a complete piece of furniture or as we prefer with larger quantities, material only.

Stand Alone Tops


In combination with an aluminum or galvanized steel frame a stand alone top can be constructed, that thereafter can be mounted on whatever type of leg imaginable. The models below are primarily to illustrate some of the possibilities, as we can virtually make our tops in virtually any shape or form.

Faux Teak Round WPC Bistro Table made in Indonesia
WPC Bio-Compsite Bistro Table Top from Destination Green

Model A2-NET

Grey round WPC outdoor faux teak table top

Model A3-LG

Dark Grey Sunray Outdoor Synthetic Teak Table Top

Model A1-DG

Square Teak Colored WPC Bio Composite table top made in Indonesia

Model A5-NET

Square Outdoor Table top from Synthetic Wood

Model A6-DG

Hexagonal WPC Faux Teak Top for Restaurants made in Indonesia

Model A4-ET

Complete Tables


Similar to the stand alone tops we can also construct table tops on a complete frame, where the frame is essentially the remainder of the furniture piece.

Recycled Plastic WPC Bar Set from Indonesia

Model 511-DGF

WPC Faux Teak Outdoor Table from Yogyakarta

Model 512-DGF

Bathroom Furniture


High humidity is not exclusive to the outdoors, our TPC is also a sensible wood replacement in bathroom furniture. Rather than veneered MDF and Solid wood it has almost no water absorption making it a perfect solution. We offer our bathroom furniture under our brand ConSpire, click Here to read more.

WPC Bio Composite Bathroom Furniture

Model 102-CF

WPC Teak Polymer Composite Bathroom Furniture

Model 006-CF

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